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16 Feb 2020


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm



Erotica . Womb Awakening Energy Healing

“Women are liberated from the time they leave the womb”
Dr Virginia Apgar

Varin & Sean Ching are coming together for this amazing experience at Damai Wellness. Combining their expertise of empowering women: –

1. “Erotica”

Varin will take you on a journey of the elements and senses of EROTICA in this session. Erotica is a visual or written artistic expression of sexuality which is completely different to the pornography based sexuallity that the 21st century is used to. Erotica allows for a deeper experience & expression of the elements & sensations as it does not focus on body parts & the act of sex, with the aim of taking you back to the erotic innocence we are all blessed with.

2. “Womb Energy Awakening and Healing”

by Sean Ching

The Womb is a sacred chamber of hidden potential and secrets of hope and healing. Imagine the power of accessing this sacred

chamber to uplift ones energy to thrive and not just survive. Be able to connect with the higher self where a woman is able access her divine purpose and expand her consciousness of love and abundance.

The Womb Energy Awakening and Healing, and the Womb Mandala Dance is a practice where Sean Ching will enable and empower women to :

+Awaken 5 senses

+ Retune and refine the power of intuition

+Retune and establish spiritual equilibrium

+ Experience deeper self discovery

+ Ignite a woman’s sensuality with greater confidence and resolve

Please join us to have this soulful experience !

Bio 1
“Sean Ching , Yoga Practitioner . An Alchemist of Love & Movement. Art Therapist- Exploring the Inner Self . Womb Energy , Healing and Wellness Practitioner
Her Vision and Purpose as a practitioner is to :
Awaken the Divine Feminine Energy in Women. Empowering and enable women to unfold and unleash their inner potential with resilience and confidence . Where women are able to live their life’s spiritually and holistically with abundance and peace. Women are able to reclaim their sexuality with courage and confidence. “
Bio 2
Varin Gill holds sexuality women’s circles, is a student of Egyptian alchemy, Sekhem energy healer, yoga teacher, sound healer, intuitive tarot reader and initiated as Sumeria Altair, Priestess of the Goddess Hathor (Goddess of sexuality, fertility, creativity, emotional balance). Her transition from the corporate space to wellness required unlocking her own sacral chakra (the chakra of sexuality and the womb) through a journey of self-love to overcome lifetimes of guilt, shame and taboos held in the sacral chakra. Her mission now is to bring a sense of stand alone wholeness, honor and playfulness back into as many women’s lives as possible using all the wisdom and tools she has learnt in this and previous lifetimes.
Spaces are limited! Book for your spot today.
Date : 16 Feb. 2020
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Venue: Damai Studio & Cafe
Price: RM140
contact +6012 814 9100



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