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23 Feb 2020


3:30 pm - 6:00 pm



Fun with Mobility 2.0

Fun with Mobility 2.0

While it feels great to be working on flexibility in our yoga practice , mobility takes the fun to a whole another level! What is mobility you may ask?

Mobility is a combination of strength in joints/connective tissue and flexibility of the muscles. Mobility deals with active range of motions (rather than passive as in the case with flexibility), thereby allowing us to strengthen the spine, hips and hamstring at the same time.

This workshop will incorporate creative yoga sequences, mobility exercises and drills that are seemingly simple yet can be challenging and ego-crushing too!

We will explore the roles of how to integrate stability from the feet to your legs, up to your hips, core and spine in order to effortlessly get in to hip opening and balancing asanas

Incorporating mobility will pave the way to a functional and solid practice, prevent you from unnecessary injuries thereby sustaining your yoga practice til the end of time.

We will wrap up the session with a relaxing sound healing session, followed by a rejuvenating smoothie, leaving your heart to its full contentment ❤

This workshop is suitable for all levels, even those who aren’t Yoga or Pilates practitioners are welcomed.

Details of the workshop:
Sunday 23 Feb 2020
Damai Studio & Cafe
3:30 – 6:00 pm
RM 150/pax

For bookings contact Damai Studio at +6012 814 9100

About the instructor :

Nadiah obtained her yoga teacher certification from one of the most renowned yoga schools, Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh, India.

Following completion of her training, she started sharing the practice of yoga to all walks of life. Yoga has taught her how powerful it is to be aware of our breaths, how important it is to be and accept our current state of being, be it either in the body, mind and soul. These are the two key elements of yoga Nadiah strives to bring forward, with whoever she shares the practice with. On the physical aspect of yoga practice, she firmly believes in building from the ground up , thereby creating a solid foundation to cultivate strength, flexibility and mobility in the body, before moving on to other things that the practice can offer .

Nadiah was a former engineer who decided to leave the corporate world , to pursue her passion in teaching yoga . She has been a practitioner for 6 years and a teacher for 3 years now – she enjoys every bit of the journey yoga has brought her in.

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